The Issue of Oil

What would really help Ukraine right now is a serious weakening of sanctions against Iran. I read that Khamenei is making some conciliatory noises. This might be a good moment to be nice to Iran.

If that were to happen, oil prices would drop some more, and the Russians might even come to their senses somewhat. Russians only manage to behave like normal people when oil is at less than $15 per barrel.

Long-term, of course, the only way to prevent Russia from being a constant source of instability on the planet would be to make oil irrelevant. Solar and wind are the answer to this problem.

It is kind of ridiculous that so much should depend on stupid oil.

4 thoughts on “The Issue of Oil

  1. I am thinking of hooking up stationary bicycles to small turbines and having graduate students ride them to provide electricity for the history department here. If the black outs get any worse I think it is our best option.


    1. It seems like one of the warehouses that store weapons has exploded. These terrorists are so drunk and so high so much of the time that this is not surprising.


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