Why Does Anybody Care About the Brian Williams Debacle?

A great post that finally made it clear to me why there is so much discussion of the extraordinarily boring story of Brian Williams and the helicopter:

And, finally, there’s the mainstream media itself, which is obsessed with this story out of sheer narcissism — it’s a story about us! it’s about what we do! As long as some people are paying attention to the press, the press is going to bask in the attention and engage in endless chin-scratching about media ethics.

This is just a small excerpt but do read the whole thing. The Brian Williams  story is the royal wedding of 2015, an attempt to distract everyone from the stuff that actually matters.

3 thoughts on “Why Does Anybody Care About the Brian Williams Debacle?

  1. For the few people who believed that network news provided honest and accurate reporting, the scandal is a pretty big shock.


  2. I’m apathetic. I haven’t been following this story at all, so I’m not even sure why this is a scandal. I don’t even bother watching the evening news for news and yet if I take a Pew News quiz I outscore most people handily.

    At least the royal wedding promised an entertaining spectacle of sorts (“Look at the pretty expensive dresses gargle fart”).

    Who actually believes network news is honest and accurate beyond reasonable doubt? Wasn’t everyone supposed to have been sad over Dan Rather’s reporting Shrub’s military service?Maybe Cthulu needs to eat a network anchor every ten years. The people who watch network evening news are old so naivete is not an excuse.


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