To Send or Not to Send?

The number of bizarre ideas for why the US shouldn’t give defensive weaponry to Ukraine is growing. The silliest one I’ve heard so far goes like this:

Ukrainians don’t know how to use this weaponry. So Americans will have to go to Ukraine to train them. And while they will be conducting the training at the front line (because it totally makes sense to bring weapons to the front line before teaching people how to use them), Russians will kidnap them (but thank you for recognizing that it’s not a civil war that Ukraine is fighting.) And how will the US then get these Americans back? Obviously, the only way would be to start an all out – war with Russia. The next step is a nuclear annihilation of the entire planet.

Yes, people actually come up with this sort of crap.

What nobody seems to get is that Russia will or will not start a war with whomever for reasons entirely of its own. Ukrainians have learned this lesson already. Georgians learned it back in 2008.

It will be a great breakthrough if everybody just gets this through their thick skulls: what the Russians are doing is not about you. So any fear of antagonizing them or making them angry is futile. This fear gives you an illusion of control where you’ve got none.

14 thoughts on “To Send or Not to Send?

  1. US defensive weapons?? a dangerous joke.. 1st ‘US’..nothing to do with the US! Ukraine is almost part of Russia, like Puerto Rico or Hawaii to the US. Second ‘defensive’ ha! Ukraine has one of the biggest armies in the world, the crazy US war machine wants to install more nuclear missiles, right next to Moscow and get one more debt colony to exploit!


      1. There are special factories in the US that produce them called graduate schools. Stepehn Cohen for instance was manufactured at the plant called Columbia in New York City.


  2. I heard another good one today. Actually two. One was that ISIS was created when the American fascists invaded the Ottoman Empire in WW1. Another is that ISIS doesn’t really exist but is a bogeyman created by the state to keep Americans in a fearful and conformist mode.

    As a consequence of these excellent views, I present society with my but-tock.


  3. Did you watch the joint press conference by Angela Merkel and Obama at the White House this morning?

    Of course, Obama caved to Merkel’s opinion, and is NOT sending the Ukrainians the weapons that they desperately need. (Alas, I wasn’t at all surprised.)


  4. The US could simply send some IED Starter Kits, but of course as a signatory of the treaty against the proliferation of mines, they’d have to come up with an amazing explanation of why they’re doing this …

    “THIS SIDE TOWARD ENEMY” was always clear enough.


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