Poroshenko Hurts the Rouble

Everybody has been waiting for the results of the Minsk talks between Ukraine and Russia.

Finally, the negotiations ended.

“Russia’s conditions are unacceptable,” said Ukrainian president Poroshenko.

And the rouble plummeted.

I’m very glad I stayed up for that. I’ll be half asleep in class tomorrow but I don’t care because this was totally worth it.

I hope Poroshenko says something else and I wake up to an even cheaper rouble.

One thought on “Poroshenko Hurts the Rouble

  1. “Russia’s conditions are unacceptable”, said the Finnish people of Karelia in 1940 …

    Rather than live with the Russians, the Finns in Karelia razed everything they could and left to live with other Finns in other parts of Finland.

    And judging from the rot that has set in, the Russians are doing outstandingly there as well …


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