Nemtsov’s Murder

Boris Nemtsov was murdered right in front of the Kremlin on a very busy bridge and in full view of a great number of people. It was past 11 pm, but as you can see in the photos, the area is extremely well lit with patriotic lighting. 

Putin has made a statement to the effect that Nemtsov has been murdered by provocateurs. Putin’s media are reporting that during the murder, Nemtsov was taking a stroll with a woman from Ukraine. A car stopped next to the pair, murderers got out of the car and shot Nemtsov four (some sources say seven) times in the chest. Putin will now suggest that Nemtsov was murdered by Ukrainians to discredit Putin.

Nemtsov was about to publish a report on the Russian invasion of Ukraine with a lot of documentary evidence, interviews with soldiers, etc. Two weeks ago, Nemtsov said in an interview that he feared that Putin would have him killed.

Right after the murder, Putin’s media started spreading the false information that the Ukrainian fighter pilot Nadiya Savchenko died in a Russian jail. This was soon disproved by Nadiya’s lawyer but half of Ukraine already started having heart attacks and spikes in blood pressure.

The most popular reaction to the news of the murder among regular Russians is “it’s good that Nemtsov was killed, because he is an ‘American project’.”

There is something really bad going on in Russia but nobody will pay attention until it will be too late.

There are photos of the location under the fold, don’t look if you are too sensitive. There are no close-ups of the body but still.




And this is Nemtsov before the assassination:

"For your and our freedom"
“For your and our freedom”

5 thoughts on “Nemtsov’s Murder

  1. I used Google Trends to see what news sources were covering Boris Nemtsov’s murder and got “Not enough search volume to show results”. On the other hand, “Toronto terror tunnel” went viral. It seems that the existential enemy right now is radical Islam.


    1. Every single news channel right now is covering the dress thing at length and Nemtsov just got a mention in the running line. I mean, the dress thing is freaky but serious political news have got to report on serious politics.

      I begin to sound like my great grandma.


    1. Him, his lackeys, the people who have been riled up by the propaganda – ultimately, the specific organizers are not that important. What matters is that a guy who didn’t even represent any serious alternative is gunned out in front of the Kremlin. And it’s business as usual for everyone else. And so the next step will be something even more outrageous, and then something even bigger than that.


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