The Dress Thing

Ok, did everybody do the dress test that was all the rage yesterday? Can someone tell me what it’s all about? Is it a ploy to get links? Because the dress is obviously white and gold.

38 thoughts on “The Dress Thing

  1. It’s not the version –
    We looked at it at the office and were divided as far as the colors. It’s something weird. 🙂


        1. “I think he meant the lighting when the picture was taken.”

          • Sorry, I don’t understand. I’m talking about this specific dress that I linked to. I’m sure that the same dress might look entirely different in other pictures taken elsewhere but that’s not the point. The question is: why do different people see different things while looking at the same picture?


          1. The point is that there is very little of the surroundings on the photo, most of it shows the dress. So some people’s brains perceive the dress to be in natural lightning (near the window), which is blue and they therefore compensate for this and the dress appears to them as white and gold. Other people’s brains assume artificial lightning which is yellowish and the brain compensates for this to perceive the dress and black and blue. See the video I linked below, it explains this very nicely.


  2. Liked the comment:

    “I think the internet is missing a more important question, namely where can I get this cute dress?”



  3. It’s a visual illusion, the colours your brain perceives depend on the surrounding colours. For example, here, both dresses are of the same colour, but the right one appears darker, because it is surrounded by white:

    And here is a good explanation why and how this happens:

    So it’s a question of visual perception and where your brain thinks the photo was taken (in a well-lit daylight place with bluish surroundings, which would produce a white dress or in a yellow-tinted inside room, where it might look blue).


    1. See, I could see that because the white I’m seeing is very bluish.
      My brain refuses to see the dress as black and blue; that is very bad photography/post processing.

      P.S. Either way, that dress is ugly.


  4. I showed the picture to a friend who stopped by and on the same computer, same lighting conditionsm same angle I saw blue/black and he saw white/gold and was wondering out loud if I was crazy for not seeing white/gold.


    1. Scary shit. I now REALLY want my husband to get home from work as soon as possible to ask him what he sees. I might have to rethink our entire relationship if we do not see the same thing. 🙂 I mean, what’s next? He will look at Putin and see Russia’s Savior??? 🙂


  5. I think the images of the dress manage to form something very similar to those optical illusions where you stare at a white page and then the colors reverse. I have seen the white-and-gold for an instant and then can only see blue-and-black. I think the difference is not different screens but rather how your visual system is primed for the viewing. (There may also be differences in our brains or retinas for how we perceive color…in other words, your friends and family might “adjust” to the image differently.) Most people seem to see white-and-gold first and then snap to “blue and black” (which is the actual color of the dress; if you open the image in a photo editor you can pick the pixels and verify this). I imagine that’s because most people are viewing the image on a scree and that influences how they view it…my guess is that people who glance at it after looking at other things — the world out there — have their visual systems “primed” for a different contrast.

    That’s just my guess though. I cannot force myself to see “gold and white”…it just happened once. Although, if I tilt my laptop screen, I can get the angle large enough so that things look darker and then the colors start to shift…

    How we perceive colors together in the wild is a fascinating topic!


    1. I’ve been trying to see the blue and black since yesterday, and I can’t. It makes even less sense when I see the catalogue picture of what the dress is supposed to actually look like.


      1. That catalog picture looks nothing like this dress in terms of shape and texture. I think it’s extraneous to the issue of why all these weirdos keep saying they see black and blue.


  6. Oh, I was talking entirely about the image; some artists out there are talking about the dress itself…all we can judge now is the picture that is set before us. The fact that the image is perceived differently by different people and at different times is fascinating. The whole discussion of color and light and dress fabric and digital cameras and what your monitor color settings are…I’m not even touching all those topics.


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