The Germanwings Tragedy

Gosh, people, did you hear that the co-pilot of the Germanwings flight seems to have crashed the plane on purpose? What was your very first thought when you hear that?

And did you hear that some freaks were posting disgusting messages, saying that the Catalan victims pf the crash deserved to die?

That’s some horrible shit right there.

Obama Snubs NATO

Obama is pretending that the NATO doesn’t exist.

This is an effective way of telling the NATO countries how interested the US will be if they are attacked.

He’s phenomenal on the economy  (we are at almost full employment while look at Europe and its fumbling with the crisis), and on foreign policy he does what the voters want him to do. People in the US seem to have very little interest in anything happening overseas. I cannot blame them since any involvement will just bring pouting and discontent.

I believe that the NATO block richly deserves being left to fend for itself, yet I feel bad for Ukraine that is stuck in the middle.

Lessons in Positivity

24% of Russians consider their country to be the world’s leading economy. And that’s in spite of the dramatic inflation, soaring unemployment, collapsed social safety net, and the war.

11% of Russians believe that their economic well-being is the highest on the planet.

19% of Russians believe that their country is in the top 10 in terms of protecting human rights.

Of course, this is positivity bordering on complete, total, utter, bubbles-of-saliva-coming-out-of-your-mouth idiocy, but still.

The survey does not specify the percentage of the respondents who were drunk or on drugs during the survey.