Authentic Coupledom

“Where gender does inform working practices at home is the performance of tasks which many women associated with their male partners: gardening and home maintenance. Where men fail to undertake these tasks, women may question their experience of heterosexual coupledom, finding it somehow inauthentic” (54).

Masculinities in Transition. Eds. Victoria Robinson and Jenny Hockey. Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

People should get a life as soon as possible before this delusional thinking gets the better of them.

I’m three days into the exploration of masculinities, and already I’m losing faith in humanity.

Soccer Scandal in Montenegro

Yesterday, Russians forced the soccer match in Montenegro to be stopped mid-game because they used the match to engage in massive anti-Ukrainian and anti-US propaganda. This is not the first time they are breaking the FIFA rules and use the game to burn flags and do all that kind of crazy shit.

There is still time to move the 2018 World Cup away from Russia. Imagine what pandemonium will each game become if the World Cup is allowed to be conducted among the completely insane and hugely aggressive Russians.

Gender Differences

“Sex differences, on almost every psychological trait measured, are either non-existent or fairly small. Certainly they are much smaller than the differences in social situations. . . Their modest size would hardly register them as important phenomena if we were not already culturally cued to exaggerate them” (21).

“A great deal of research has now been done on the issue. The usual finding, on intellect, temperament and other personal traits, is that there are no measurable differences at all” (47).

Connell, R.W. Masculinities. Cambridge: Polity P, 1995.

Everybody with even a minimally functioning brain knows this. But the numbers of people who possess such a brain are not impressive.