Russia Glorifies Wehrmacht

Russia is getting ready to celebrate the victory over Nazism 70 years ago. Or not.

In a booklet printed in the annexed Crimea, the following picture was used to glorify the troops that took part in the fighting:


I don’t think you need to be a huge World War II buff to figure out that this guy is not a Soviet soldier. He actually belongs to the troops of Erich von Manstein, the Wehrmacht Field Marshal who invaded the Soviet Crimea.

Here is the booklet with the offending image:

crimea craziness

Yes, it’s probably just a mistake. But it is one more among the “Goebbels was such a talented guy” and “when the Nazis occupied Leningrad” kind of mistakes that keep plaguing Russia’s official discourse on WWII. Given that Russia is currently fighting a costly war in Ukraine because Russians supposedly feel that Ukrainians disrespected the memory of the war over Nazism, you’d expect a more careful approach to the issue.

9 thoughts on “Russia Glorifies Wehrmacht

  1. That’s deeply weird. Not that Russians are obliged to still be angry 75 years later, but the Nazis came rolling in determined to enslave or exterminate the whole population, and the killed between 20 and 30 million people.

    Of all possible things for Russians to glorify, the Wehrmacht is just about the strangest thing they could have picked.


    1. Given that the Russians claim to be so angry about Nazism that they had to invade Ukraine to hunt the specter of non-existent Nazism there, I’d expect them to be more careful.


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