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A Final Report On Letting The Academic Dream Die.” A great example of “The lady doth protest too much.

Another idiot writing something idiotic about Ukraine:His remarks on Ukraine may be the worst of all. Not only does he favor the dangerous option of sending arms to Ukraine, but he does so in the false belief that “they’re our allies.” Allies are exactly what they aren’t, which is why the U.S. has never been obliged to support them in an armed conflict.” Apparently, the words “Budapest memorandum” never crossed this fool’s mind. And yes, allies are exactly what they are, Mr. Brain-Dead.

Black boys and print culture.

[Russian] A new museum dedicated to celebrating Stalin is being opened in Russia.

An extreme case of hurt feelings. People really need to control their extreme reactions to having their feelings hurt.

Russia is reaching into its old bag of tricks to find an explanation for the forest fires devastating the country.

We are all so different. While some academics are terrified they won’t be able to effectuate their mid-career move, I fear that I might be forced to do it.

People are turning into such incredible sissies that publishing the linked photos of oneself is now considered “gutsy”. I wonder what it should feel to have such a sheltered life that something like this would even register, let alone feel like some major feat.

Female Fox News host eviscerates her own network over sexist article called “How to land a husband at the Masters”

In case you are interested in Jeremy Clarkson, read this article.

A great comment about the stupidity of libertarianism.

Routine jobs are disappearing.

At first, I thought this author was making a disgusting quip about Hillary (I mean, the part about “close proximity”), but then I realized he was being serious: “So where does this leave Hillary Clinton? She seems to have as good a resume for the Commander in Chief job as any woman could have with her close proximity to power in the White House for eight years, her eight years as senator and four years as Secretary of State.” Now I don’t know which possibility is worse: a nasty joke or complete seriousness.

It is very bizarre when Liberals try to insult men by feminizing them.

The books that idiots keep trying to ban.

People do say the weirdest things about convicted pedophiles: “After all, in spite of whatever may have been true back then, they have made a life together now, and—in the absence of any evidence to the contrary—it really isn’t anyone’s place to suggest that this life is somehow tainted or “less than” because of their history.” This author has convinced himself that it is his place to tell people what is their place. And that’s extremely hypocritical.

The most hilarious criticism of Hillary.

And yet another idiot academic drooling all over herself in her admiration of Putin.

[Russian] Jews in the Ukrainian Liberation Army.

33 thoughts on “Tuesday Link Encyclopedia”

  1. That Hullabaloo quote is equal parts snark and seriousness. It’s also an inspiration for a Scandal plotline. If you posit that the amount of time Hillary has spent in elected office or a non ceremonial position at any level is a short time for a politician to mature, then the Republicans who have actually announced their candidacy (Rubio, Cruz. Rand Paul) have much the same problem.

    People are turning into such incredible sissies that publishing the linked photos of oneself is now considered “gutsy”. I wonder what it should feel to have such a sheltered life that something like this would even register, let alone feel like some major feat.
    No, in this case it’s more humblebragging by an 18-year-old reality star’s daughter who professionally models. :/


  2. “[Jeremy Clarkson] is more like the schoolboy who has never grown up.”

    I would say he’s more like the schoolyard bully who never grew up.

    I wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear what happened in the “fracas”. People who behave like entitled assholes in one way – such as going into other people’s communities and behaving in ways calculated to offend them – are likely to behave like entitled assholes in other ways.

    As for his 350 million viewers, well, I find it depressing. At best, these are people who might disapprove of the bullying, but they’re still prepared to be friends with the bully because he’s a funny guy. At worst, they’re the ones laughing at the kid lying flat on his face after the bully tripped him. OK, that’s not really the worst.

    I find it depressing that there are so many of them.


      1. An entitled asshole, yes. There are ways to be an asshole without being particularly entitled.

        The mindset of an entitled asshole can be summed up in the phrases “It’s all about me!” and “I want it, therefore I’m entitled to it”. Other people get no consideration at all. It occurs to me that this is also descriptive of the mindset of a psychopath. Perhaps they are the same thing.

        I’ve just read about the “extreme case of hurt feelings” and I see exactly the same mindset. “I want a conversation with you, therefore I’m entitled to one”. It’s likely that his displaying this trait is what got him rebuffed in the first place.

        Oh, and there’s this: “never in my life have I hit anyone, not even my wife” which implies that he thinks wifebeating is somehow ok.

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          1. Hey, I just got an email from WordPress pointing out that you’d liked my comment, and basically inviting me to stalk you. Is that creepy or what?


      2. Has it occurred to anyone that the only way a producer that may have been dropping the ball on numerous occasions would have been able to get the point is when it’s painfully obvious (or obviously painful)?

        I can see production quality slips in the past two series of the show — I know when I’m watching 2014 and 2015 footage, and not just because the vehicles are more current. I suspect this irritation simply compounded already pressing matters.

        This is a bit closer to the heart of things:


        “His mother died, he has had a number of not entirely self-inflicted health concerns, and he has continued with an absurdly punishing round of public appearances, writing and film-making, all of it compounded with the not unreasonable feeling that he is working for the enemy,” [AA Gill] said.

        AA Gill is also the sort of person who would drink pure petrol just to be able to make your campfires burn out of control by urinating into them, but I’ll say one thing in his defence: he has an uncanny aesthetic sense, and despite having to write by dictation, his articles come across as considerably above most of the journalistic hackery that dominates the profession, even if the man himself proclaims loudly that he too is a “hack”.


          1. Nah, no way.

            I have watched tons of Top Gear, like pretty much every series except the really old ones.

            Clarkson is a massive dick, a funny and popular one at that. He was almost fired on several occasions after questionable stunts before, also he never has gone quite as far as hitting anyone.

            BBC never got rid of him because his program is pretty close to being the most popular thing they ever produced and his co-moderators were always threatening to leave too if he were to go, dooming the program.


            1. It’s amazing how much assholery people are willing to put up with for 20 Million Pounds.

              That’s weird. Chrome won’t let me type a pound sign. It works in Firefox.


              1. I’d do a lot for 20 million pounds.

                Well to be fair, I think you need to distinguish between assholery on the show and assholery everywhere else.

                I don’t know how familiar with Top Gear you are, but it isn’t the serious car show it claims to be. There are burning caravans, silly idiotic stunts, unrealistic comparisons and a bunch of middle aged british idiots babbling about bullshit. And most of all, it is abviously staged. Top Gear was already scripted reality before scripted reality was a thing on TV.

                The offensive jokes were funny not because you believed them, but because they were obviously exagerated. Plus, Top Gear managed to be equal opportunity offenders in most cases. It always baffled me how you can take comments from a show as serious when a burning car was driven off a cliff in the same episode.

                I have no problem with asshole behaviour as part of a shows character. But when this bleeds through to your every day life like it did with Clarkson then, well, you deserve to be fired.


          1. To clarify, this is what I say is Bulverism:

            THE BBC boss who suspended Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson was yesterday accused of waging a personal war against the star.

            It is not Bulverism to refer to Clarkson’s personal problem, which you quoted. They might help to explain the “fracas” but they don’t excuse his behaviour.


    1. There was a discussion of this on the NPR right now. Of course, it devolved into navel – gazing and trivialities within a minute but at least it was reported.


  3. Belarus leader raps Jewish governor for not taking Jews ‘under control’
    In a state-of-the-nation address, Lukashenko expressed annoyance that a popular online publication, which has a Jewish director, had criticized his decree imposing a tax on people who worked fewer than 183 days a year.

    A special tax for not working enough sounds like something from FSU.


  4. Regarding Lukashenko, I began reading the article because its subtitle mentioned Jews, but in the end the idea of such a tax schocked me more than anything else there.


  5. Strange how it happens at once in both countries (though I think the true causes of situations aren’t exactly the same, in Israel it seems to be the problem of integration, less of racism like in USA – f.e. no Ethiopian Jews are shot in Israel unlike blacks in America, the Israeli ethos includes gathering all Jews and Ethiopians are an integral part of that):

    Protesters, police clash at Ethiopian Israeli demo against police brutality
    The protest was prompted by a video of a police assault against an Ethiopian Israeli soldier; 10 protesters and three police officers receive medical treatment.


    1. I know people who sever relationships with their own children because they love Putin more. So no, I don’t know that and number of personal stories would persuade them. We are not a compassionate culture.


  6. I know you also read Malik. Can’t agree at all with his recent article “Migrants Face Fortress Europe’s Deadly Moat”:

    Imo, Europe can’t accept everybody and shouldn’t. As long as many countries are hellholes, no ” legal routes for migrants” would suffice, short of Europeans sending their own ships to those countries to take everybody who wishes to Europe. Current policies, at least, lessen the number of (illegal) migrants.

    My country, Israel, doesn’t let anybody enter, except Jews according to the Law of Return, and I don’t think one can demand from Europe to open its gates for everybody. One can’t demand “destroy your country to help me.”


  7. Угроза для России со стороны США
    Опрос проведен 17 – 20 апреля 2015 года по репрезентативной всероссийской выборке городского и сельского населения среди 1600 человек в возрасте 18 лет и старше в 134 населенных пунктах 46 регионов страны.


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