Why People Applaud Abuse

The reaction among responsible black and white law-abiding citizens to the black thugs rioting in Baltimore was captured by Toya Graham, the black mother who smacked her son around when she found him on the streets joining the attacks on police. Even liberals in the major media applauded her efforts.

Got it? They applauded the beating of a child and saw no connection between a violent, abusive mother and the kid’s need to participate in violent activities in the streets. Because it’s very easy and comforting to deny any link between parenting and the product of said parenting. 

Fucking idiots. This reaction is obviously not related to the events in Baltimore. The infantile fools are cheering for this violent criminal because this is a way for them to relieve the anxiety they experience when attempting to explain the way their own parents treated them.

P.S. And please don’t start telling me how this is a stupid source. Yes, it’s stupid but I heard the same cheering for the abusive freakazoid on MSNBC on the day of the riot. Immaturity knows no political allegiance.

7 thoughts on “Why People Applaud Abuse

  1. I saw an interview with both mother and child on ABC News last night. Nobody looked the worse for wear and the boy freely explained what happened. I’d characterize this as a scolding, not a “beating”. The boy said the fact that his mom would put herself in danger to do that is a sign of how much she loves him.


  2. Unfortunately, rough disciplining of children is all too common in rough neighborhoods. Using violence, even restrained violence, against children is not good. What we saw in the video is troubling, but in my mind it’s not sufficient to convict a worried mother of being violent and abusive. Her physical response in the heat of the moment was fleeting and not intended to inflict harm. It doesn’t rise to the level of abuse, IMO. If the subject had been a preschool child or an elementary-age child, I would feel differently.

    Keep in mind that probably the most serious problem in poor neighborhoods is parents who are either absent or neglectful. In the big picture, children and society are better served by an involved parent who cares about her children than an absent or addicted parent who ignores them.

    To remove this teenager from the mother’s custody, as some might advocate, or even to reprimand the mother, would probably result in a worse outcome.

    The way to approach this problem, IMO, is with preemptive childcare classes starting in high school, and training/information available to all parents and prospective parents.


    1. I’m reprimanding the rich journalists who are, in their own words, applauding the beating of a boy. How nice that they found something to applaud in this situation.


  3. I figure it’s guilt-free racism. lots of people happy to see rioters beaten are really happy to see protesters in general beaten, because the protesters are calling attention to problems many aren’t prepared to deal with. But to cheer on police as they crack down is difficult. People feel ambivalent. Along comes this woman and folks get to see someone beaten by one of their own. …guilt free pleasure!


    1. YES. That seems to encapsulate people’s reactions and why this video bothers me. On my Facebook feed, I’ve seen this video posted several times along with some positive comment by people who do not support the protesters.


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