Small and Bland

The doctor told me to eat small, bland meals every 2,5 hours.

I managed the meals part and the “every 2,5 hours” part extremely well.

The “small, bland” part, however, is not happening.

13 thoughts on “Small and Bland”

    1. It’s not just bland. It’s small and bland. If at least it were one or the other. What is the meaning of life if one has to eat small and bland meals, I ask you? 🙂 🙂


      1. Are you vomiting?
        I can’t imagine any other reason why anyone would recommend small and bland means, other than to improve the chances of keeping it down…


  1. Can’t you ask why it has to be bland? May be, he meant not “hot” spicy food?

    I sometimes eat Каша овсяная Увелка быстрого приготовления, imported from Russia. Don’t love каши и\ли крупы as a rule, but liked those ones since those cereals are with berries. I loved КАША ОВСЯНАЯ БЫСТРОГО ПРИГОТОВЛЕНИЯ «С ЧЕРНИКОЙ» and «С КЛУБНИКОЙ». Here are pictures and info:

    I suppose you don’t want to buy Russian produce, but I am sure there are such American cereals too. You can also prepare such yourself with fresh berries, not buy the “lazy person” option. What I like about partly prepared cereals is that you prepare 1 portion at a time by putting it in a microwave. Very easy and one can choose every day a different taste. If I cooked from scratch, I wouldn’t cook for one day and then would have to eat it for a week. This way there is more variety in one’s diet.


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