Update on Spain

For the first time in years, Spanish newspapers and magazines started publishing articles titled,

– “How to Spend That Extra Bit of Money You’ve Saved?”

– “Men Prefer to Spend Their Savings on Cars, While Women Choose Travel”

– “What Is the Best Place to Go on a Beach Vacation?”

– “Why Vacations Matter”

– “Buying Luxury Products: How to Make the Right Choice”

This is a very good sign. A couple of years ago, a journalist who published this kind of an article risked having his house set on fire by enraged readers. And now people actually want to read this stuff.

Spain ‘ s economy is growing at the fastest rate since 2007 right now, consumer spending is starting to boom, and the tourism industry is doing very well.

I always knew Spain would kick the crisis ‘ s ass. Which doesnt, of course, cancel the need to face a much greater crisis of the nation-state that we all are anticipating.

One thought on “Update on Spain”

  1. I hope your optimism is warranted. Of the five headlines, I read two as (possibly) talking about people spending their savings (in anticipation of bank closures?), two about getting out of dodge (or about travel, anyway) and one about converting wealth to luxury goods, an asset class that can be difficult to assess, tax, etc.


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