Connecting with Me

A friend from Africa came over and tried to get in touch. Unfortunately, he used all the methods of connecting that are guaranteed to fail:

1. Facebook – I only go there once every six months out of a misplaced sense of guilt.

2. Skype – I only go there to see my analyst and never read the IMs.

3. Phone – I don’t have voice mail and never pick up if I don’t recognize the number.

These additional methods are just as useless:

4. Email – unless it’s the university email, I only read it once a month or less.

5. Work voice mail – haven’t checked it since August of 2009.

People, if you want to connect with me, don’t rely on these outlandish methods. Simply leave me a message on the blog alerting me to your need to get in touch. I’m always available through the blog. 

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