Meet my two new Mary Frances handbags and – you’ll never guess what the pink thing is. It’s a key chain! Of course, I’m not about to use it as a key chain but I couldn’t leave the store without it either.

The bags are very similar but I was so torn between the two of them that it was easier to get both and stop feeling tortured.

And since I’m on the subject of good news, is it true that Joe Biden is running? I’ve had a crush on him since he wiped the floor with that mumbly fellow – whatever was his name, Ryan something? – back at the vice-presidential debates 4 years ago. If Biden is running, I might have to start supporting him. Or I’ll just feel torn, like I was today with the handbags.

Of course, I’m also hearing that Biden is running with Elizabeth Warren, and that makes me less torn. I want to support a serious ticket, not some populist attempt at pandering to the simple-minded.

16 thoughts on “Acquisitions”

  1. That “pink thing” is a stuffed miniature dog in a dress, right?

    As for Biden, I REALLY hope that he runs — his entrance into the race would be a huge psychological blow to Hillary, signifying that the Democrats have lost faith in her candidacy. Every seated vice-president since WWII who has sought his party’s nomination gas gotten it, so he might have a good shot at booting Clinton.

    A Biden-Warren ticket would be ideal. Here’s a great campaign slogan: “Senility & Socialism, All in a Single Vote!” Bring it on. 🙂


    1. I know you can spot the typo in my first paragraph above, so I won’t insult anybody’s intelligence by correcting it. Hey, the “g” key is right next to the “h.” Sorry.


    2. It’s a bear, not a dog. Do I look like a person who’d get a dog when she could get a bear?? 🙂

      I want to support Hillary, I really do. But she’s working so hard not to get elected that I can’t figure out what’s going on.


      1. “Do I look like a person who’d get a dog when she could get a bear??”

        Well, no, but I’ve never seen a bear with a nose that small or ears that big. Still looks like a dog, even with the image enlarged and my reading glasses on. 🙂


            1. Did I just get called abnormal? 🙂

              That’s ok, normalcy is highly overrated. Who’d want to read a blog of a normal person?

              By the way, the owner of the store where I got the bear and the bags said that I’m the craziest lady she ever met. And the store is in Naples, FL.


              1. I have never seen this brand of purses before. I went to the Mary Frances website and I just love them. I’m going to save up some money to buy one for myself. Thanks for introducing me to this brand. 🙂


              2. The bags are very quirky and are totally my style. Many are reminiscent of the 1920s which I love. Some are very expensive but there is also a selection of under $100.


  2. What’s wrong with Warren as a VP? She has accomplished a great deal domestically and a VP spot would give her a chance to gain some international experience. She also seems to be quite smart and competent.


      1. She’s a Harvard professor, not some slick dame with a message from out of nowhere who does know what she’s talking about.

        You know, someone like you.


      2. How are you defining populism here? Any attempt to regulate our economic structure? Trying to scale back (or eliminate) interest on student loans, rolling back the Bush tax cuts, increasing corporate income tax etc: these all strike me as important and necessary– and are things that Warren supports. Are you against all of the above?


  3. Hello ma’am. Been trying to reach you everywhere: Facebook, phone (I call by skype, no ID), text. No luck. Seems I won’t be able to hang out with you on this visit. See you some other time. I hope you’re having a nice sabbatical. Cheers.


  4. It’s been three days since you purchased these acquisitions. Have you taken your new “dog” out for a walk yet?


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