A Clear and Present Danger

If Trump keeps on this path of taxing the rich and defending social security, what are the chances that some white Democrats who are deeply distrustful of a woman in leadership and don’t care much for immigrants themselves start to look at Trump and think he’s talking some truths for them too.

Oh yes. It’s already happening. Anti-immigrant feelings know no party affiliation, and I’m already seeing a timid “But some of the things Trump is saying do make sense” on the blogs of some male Democrats.

13 thoughts on “A Clear and Present Danger”

  1. What’s worse, is that I’m starting to see it from female liberals, who are starting to resign themselves to the inevitability and convincing themselves that “it wouldn’t be that bad” if Trump were president. It’s absolutely terrifying how insidious the media can be…


    1. The “it wouldn’t be that bad” argument is the same one I heard in 2000 in regards to George W. Bush from those who were all for Nader but spent most of their time bashing Gore.

      Well, we all saw how things worked out. Badly, of course.

      It also troubles me to see the “Trump’s honest and speaks his mind!” being stated by people who claim to be liberal or to the Left. Then again, they’ve spent the past few years slamming Obama for not being John Shaft in the White House and not doing anything.


    2. Well I would rather have Trump than Walker? I don’t know. They all seem so bad but to me Walker is the worst of the bunch.


  2. Right now Sanders is doing an important service to the Dems because his campaign is keeping a media spotlight on a Democratic candidate. If it was a slam dunk for Hilary, nobody would be paying any attention to the Dems at all and that would probably be bad. But I really hope that Sanders drops out of the race pretty early and starts campaigning for Hillary. He truly can’t win the national election and I hope he knows that.


    1. He truly canโ€™t win the national election and I hope he knows that.

      Eight years ago, many people were saying this about Barack Obama. I believe Sanders will win, with high probability.


  3. A thought just occurred (trumpets! chorus!) Maybe Trump is a stalking horse for Clinton but not the way we think…. That is there have been hints here that he’s sowing chaos among the republicans for his good friend Bill so they’ll choose the worst possible candidate (tough field I know).

    But, maybe he’s getting ideas out there in public that Clinton will coopt when he drops out so that she (like her husband) can run from the right of the republicans.

    Meanwhile, Sanders is keeping the dem rank and file around by talking about things they like (and making sure they’ll have no where else to go).

    Crazy, but who knows?


    1. Hey, Clarissa, chill out and listen to a wise man like Cliff. The only crime against humanity that Donald Trump is going to be convicted of is getting Hillary elected. ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. “Chill out” is just a friendly, light-hearted way of saying “relax” — it’s not an insulting tone or condescending put-down at all. But if it offends you, I won’t use the term again.


  4. I have the impression that Ross Douthat believes that democracy is a nuisance and we should be governed by philosopher kings like in Plato’s utopian Kallipolis. The following comment is from his Sunday OpEd. Iโ€™d be interested in your opinion. The five party system seems to work in Canada by expanding the options available to the electorate and certainly it would be depressing to have to choose between the Conservatives and Liberal (i.e. conservative-lite) parties at the moment with the federal election six weeks away.

    โ€œIn certain ways this narrowing (=โ€ the two party system โ€œ-mine) can be good for the republic. Elites can have wisdom that populists lack, certain ideas deserve suppression, and multiparty systems are more likely to hand power to extremists or buffoons.


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