Bernie Wipes the Floor with Woman-Haters

Bernie Sanders made a very strong showing and stood up for women’s rights in a powerful way at Liberty University.

Finally, somebody is stating the obvious: claiming you are against big government and simultaneously endorsing the governmental intrusion into people’s bodies is rank hypocrisy.

Bernie’s age and gender are playing into his message in a major way. If a gentleman of his generation can figure this out, it is shameful for younger people, especially women, to remain dense and hateful.

Good job, Bernie!

P.S. If anybody feels at all tempted to make any anti-choice arguments here, go reread my post from September 4, strain your pea – sized brain to its utmost capacity, and keep your murderous oh-peenions as far away from me as possible. The point of the post is to celebrate Bernie’s success and not to advance hateful rhetoric.

7 thoughts on “Bernie Wipes the Floor with Woman-Haters

  1. Great great response from Sanders. Loved every word of it. As you have commented before, this obsession with fetuses has nothing to do with a love or babies or children and everything to do with a hatred of women. And Sanders is able to point that out elegantly yet pointedly.


  2. You know what impressed me most about this? A socialist, pro-choice jew gave a talk at an extremely religious university and the students there actually let him talk. Imagine Rick Santorum giving a speech at an east coast liberal arts college. He wouldn’t be ale to finish a sentence without student ‘protesters’ shouting him down.

    I hate, hate the heckler’s veto.


    1. You’re right — nowadays a conservative speaker would never get a civilized reception at a liberal, “progressive” university.

      And some feminists are very angry at Sanders for going to a university like Liberty. (See today’s comments on “Shakesville.”)


      1. It depends on how the talk is structured. This was a campaign speech, and I don’t think Sanders got paid. But if my tuition and fees are going towards paying celebrities exorbitant amounts of money to give meaningless (at best) talks I’d be outraged too. But I still wouldn’t shout them down even if I wished they just shut the fuck up on their own.

        The college lecture circuit is such a fucking scam. Hillary Clinton charged UCLA $300K last year for a lecture. She even called it her special ‘college rate’. For a university to do this while raising tuition year after year is disgraceful.


        1. Actually, as I suspected, since it’s, you know, Liberty University, it’s not that the students there didn’t want to protest Sanders’ speech, it’s that they weren’t allowed to protest without risking expulsion. Attendance at the event was mandatory, and the Liberty University code of conduct forbids protesting: “student participation in on-campus demonstrations, petitions or picketing is prohibited unless approved by Liberty University administration.”


          1. \ Actually, as I suspected, since it’s, you know, Liberty University, … they weren’t allowed to protest without risking expulsion. Attendance at the event was mandatory,

            I am against mandatory attendances, but am for forbidding ‘protesting’ by trying to shout during a guest’s speech. Freedom of speech is actually protected by the latter, imo, with students hopefully learning to distinguish between acceptable and not-so ways of political public participation.


            1. I’m a disciplinarian. I believe students should listen to whoever they are told to listen and read whatever they are told to read. If they already know all they need to know, why are they even getting an education?


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