The Mighty Russians

“Remade under Putin, Russia’s Military Forces Show Might not Seen in the Post-Soviet Era” tells us a headline in the New York Times.

This is too funny given that Ukrainians whooped this military’s might all the way to the village of Maryinka, and that’s in the absence of an actual army of its own.

It’s both hilarious and sad that Americans can get so easily scared of an untrained, unmotivated bunch of underfed soldiers armed with weaponry that has a tendency to fall apart in many spectacular ways right in the midst of not only combat situations but of actual military parades witnessed by Putin.

Not that Americans were ever known for having a military that ever won any conflict over any serious contender (the decrepit Spanish Empire of 1898 doesn’t really count, and neither do the wars where others do the work for you before you finally show up after every decisive battle has been fought), but this terror of the grievously unsuccessful Russian army is very misplaced.

8 thoughts on “The Mighty Russians”

  1. The United States won the war against Japan in 1945. without (much) help from other nations. That said, some scholars say that it was the emperor’s and generals’ fear of the Soviet Union’s entry into the war, rather than the atomic blasts, that got Japan to surrender.


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