I’m Thwarting ISIS. And So Can You!

Canada’s Michael Ignatieff is joining the ranks of eager mind-readers of ISIS:

ISIS wants to convince the world of the West’s indifference to the suffering of Muslims; so we should demonstrate the opposite.

Ignatieff, of course, provides no proof for this assertions but hey, everybody else is now an expert on ISIS’s wants, so why not join the party?

I wonder, does ISIS know what it wants? Is there a Ministry or a Council that gets together to figure out the organization’s desires?

And now please excuse me. ISIS wants me not to go shopping for more Christmas decorations at the local Home Depot and I need to thwart these evildoers immediately. After that, I’ll further thwart the bastards by doing some laundry.

17 thoughts on “I’m Thwarting ISIS. And So Can You!

    1. Panamanian rum? No, no, you must support France at this time of crisis by consuming Rhum Agricole AOC from Martinique!

      Vive la Fort-de-France! 🙂


        1. I inventoried, plastic wrapped, and packed another 430 lb of books today — in my defence, I had a late start today.

          Literacy absolutely must be hurting ISIS. 🙂


      1. Think globally, act locally, or something. Besides, Panamanian rum is not only quite good, it’s cheap inexpensive at about $10.00 for a 1.75 litre bottle.

        The world’s best rum, a fifteen-year-old reserve du domaine (or something French like that) once came from Haiti. Celebrating my then brand new multiengine pilot certification, I flew there back in the early ’70s and brought back a couple of bottles. When I landed at, as I recall, the West Palm Beach airport in Florida to clear customs, the agent on duty was irritated that I had disturbed his nap to check the aircraft even though I was well under the duty-free amounts of stuff and had nothing to declare. Ah, memories.


          1. Try vodka (Yes, I know it’s Russian and all that) — but at least it won’t stain your teeth, and you can reduce your dental cleaning visits to the dentist from every four months to twice a year. 🙂


  1. You want to thwart ISIS, vote Republican in the next election! (And be nice to dogs, they’re much more cuddly than birds.)


    1. First of all, I can only vote in Canada, and there’s no Republican party there. But I’m glad not to be in Canada now that a total idiot has been elected there.


      1. “I can only vote in Canada.”

        I knew that. My good advice was for your U.S. readers. (And you still can be nice to dogs, even in Canada.)


      2. I’m glad you’re not in Canada …

        And maybe one day, I’ll even tell you why, but let’s simply say that my last trip to Canada was my last trip to Canada if I have any say in the matter …


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