The Good Girl Syndrome

Every single space where even just a few years ago women’s rights were discussed is being aggressively colonized by discussions of refugees, Palestinians, BLM, and everything under the sun but women’s rights. (Here is one example but there are many more.) Whenever one tries to mention feminism, immediately some simpleton begins to chirp busily about intersectionality.

For years, feminists have been ridiculing the idiots who erupt into every feminist conversation with “But what about the men?” And now feminists have turned into those very idiots who do the “But what about the XYZ?” themselves and destroy their own movement because of a silly fad that feeds on women’s desire to be good, subservient little girls who are eager to put everybody’s needs ahead of their own.

What’s really scary is that these “feminists” are so uneducated, so ignorant of anything but the latest fads in subservience that they can’t even figure out how ancient this self-sacrifice in search of a grateful master is.

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