Reasons to Like Trump

The reason why people like Trump is that his outrageous statements grow out of a seed of an uncomfortable truth that nobody else wants to verbalize.

Take Trump’s hordes of Mexican rapists. No, not all Mexican immigrants, obviously. It is true, however, that Latin American men en masse are nowhere nearly as civilized in their interactions with women as the US men are en masse. This is a fact of objective reality that many people notice. By refusing to discuss this fact we give an opportunity to manipulative politicians like Trump who build on it an ugly edifice of ethnic hatred.

Or take Trump’s suggestion that journalists would feel less accepting of immigrants if their own jobs were threatened. It is undeniable that the overwhelming majority of the supposedly pro-immigrant people in this country only welcome María from Guatemala and Pepe from El Salvador because they need a maid and a gardener to work more cheaply for them and be more terrified of them than Jackie and Jim would be. These very same fake immigrant-lovers have a very different attitude to Sergey, the programmer, and Sandeep, the journalist, because Sergey and Sandeep will not be bossed around for a few bucks and will easily squeeze them out of their own professions.

Fake immigrant-lovers do all they can to prevent Sergey and Sandeep from coming over, yet they position themselves as morally superior to those who – for the exact same reasons! – want to separate themselves from María and Pepe with a wall. Even the stupidest are likely to see the hypocrisy of this approach. A more honest response would be to stop staging spectacles of moral superiority and accept that fearing María and fearing Sandeep stem from the same place: the discomfort caused by the unstoppable flows of liquid capital (or, in simpler terms, the world is changing and we are all in the same boat as we try to adapt to the changes.)

8 thoughts on “Reasons to Like Trump

  1. Very astute analysis.

    He would claim he is simply not “pc” and people respect that. Much like the rest of your points trump is again taking a simplistic statement by saying that he is not being pc, instead of taking a more nuanced approach of balancing pc considerations with still dealing with difficult truths.

    Trump honestly might win. I used to think there was no chance, now I say he has 20-30% chance. I would prefer Rubio as I think he has a great chance (70% or more) to beat Hillary, and that he would make a great president, but president Trump is at least in the realm of possibilities now.


  2. We have the same problem with desinformation, denials and lies over here – but at least an order of magnitude worse. The shit has really hit the fan now, big time.
    “Border checks could be stepped up by Christmas”

    “The Swedish government wants to be able to close the road bridge connecting Sweden to Denmark if the country’s record refugee influx continues, according to a legislative proposal.”

    “The changing face of Swedish politics
    How did Sweden go from having an open door policy towards refugees to imposing temporary border controls in just a few weeks?”


    1. You’ve got to agree that this was unavoidable. The current level of immigration in the form in which it exists now into Sweden has been unsustainable for a while.


    2. The Swedish model in terms of immigration and asylum has been wildly dysfunctional and unsustainable for years.

      Sweden is terrible at creating jobs that unskilled immigrants who don’t yet know the language well can do and it’s horribly efficient at trapping generation after generation in welfare with a terrible human cost.

      Unless it changes something drastically and relatively soon things are going to get very, very bad. By the time the local population realizes this it might be too late.


      1. Being a child of immigrants is already quite a burden. It can be mitigated, to an extent, if the parents are financially and professionally successful and integrated into the host society and not into a ghetto. Otherwise, they will develop a host of psychological problems that will be acted out in all kinds of ways.

        An immigrant with no chances of fitting in is no favor to anybody. And welfare is not an answer here, it’s the opposite of an answer.


        1. “An immigrant with no chances of fitting in is no favor to anybody”

          I sometimes think that Sweden is carrying out a largescale study on psychological torture.
          It would explain their immigration system better than simplistic explanations about doing good….


          1. They simply saw immigrants as breeding cows who’d produce babies but would not exhibit any human traits, needs or desires. The discovery that they’re dealing with people and not mannequins is coming as a huge shock.

            So yes, it’s a very strange understanding of good.


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