Kremlin Games

High-ranking members of Putin’s state apparatus (e.g. the attorney general, various ministers, heads of huge state corporations) often give the opposition very incriminating information against themselves. And yes, there is opposition in Russia. It’s small, weak, and lacking in any chance of getting elected, but it exists and works hard to make the crimes of Putin’s clique known.

The incriminating information is extremely serious and 100% true. It has to do with high-level corruption or (like in a scandalous case that came to light this week) even being involved with a criminal gang that engaged in the rape of children and mass murder.

Why would these officials pass this information about themselves to the opposition, knowing full well that it will be immediately publicized, you’ll ask? Because that’s the way they achieve job security.

Putin is very proud and hates the idea that he could be seen as manipulated by the opposition. Even if he’s planning to fire a fellow, having that fellow denounced by the opposition makes Putin determined to keep him.  His apparatchiks clocked on to their leader’s fear of being manipulated and are using it to their own benefit.

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