China has gone on the pollution red alert because smog is too thick even for this environmentally disastrous country.

Russian aircraft breached the airspace of Georgia  (the country) and Finland.

The factory in Moscow that grew out of the concentration camp for scholars where Nobel Prize winner Solzhenitsyn was imprisoned in 1948-9 has burned to the ground.

The horrible Cristina Kirchner has been kicked out of power in Argentina.

South Korea fired warning shots at a Chinese vessel.

Finland’s criminal police arrested two asylum seekers under the suspicion of belonging to ISIS and having participated in mass murder of unarmed prisoners.

Turkish prosecutors are asking for the sentence of 35 years for the human traffickers who caused the death of Aylan Kurdi.

Important, dangerous, fascinating, crucial things are happening everywhere in the world.

But in American media and blogs there’s nothing but Trump, Trump, Trump, thump, thump, thump all the time.

5 thoughts on “Narcissism

  1. I love that you have to clarify that Georgia is a country, and not the state where ‘Love and Hip Hop’ is produced. And by ‘love’, I mean the opposite.


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