Star Wars Mania

Is there some new pretext for the revival of the Star Wars mania? Only on my block there are 3 sets of Christmas Star Wars decorations proudly displayed by middle-aged men one would expect to have gotten over their Oedipal issues about two decades ago.

9 thoughts on “Star Wars Mania

  1. Is there something problematic with Star Wars or is fans?
    I’m a bit bored by the incessant advertising for the new movie, but I never thought there was something wrong with the saga.


    1. “Is there something problematic with Star Wars or is fans?”

      Not really. The original “Star Wars” movie was a competent but vastly overrated space opera science-fiction story, about on a par plot-wise with the routine episodes on the original “Star Trek” television series.

      It’s amusing how over the years the “Star Wars” movies have been treated as Holy Scripture not only by fans (which is to be expected), but by serious news magazines like TIME, which has had several cover stories with titles like “The Importance of ‘Star Wars'” and “The Meaning of ‘Star Wars.'”

      Amusing, but not problematic. If you’re not a fan, why get upset about the silliness of people who are?


    2. For adolescents, the story of rebelling against the Father is a reasonable and even therapeutic fantasy. But when middle-aged men still fantasize about “killing the Father”, that doesn’t speak well for their maturity. It’s akin to a 40-year-old woman who is into Cinderella.


      1. Or maybe the 40-ish fans just feel nostalgic about a movie series that brings back fondmemories of when they saw the original movie as kids. It’s just a goddamn movie — not a sign of national pyschopathology.


        1. I wouldn’t say national. This is a global icon for immature men everywhere.

          I’m a Soviet woman. I have a profound hatred of immature men. It’s a cultural thing.


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