Stupid in Montréal

I was always so miserable that I had to leave Montréal forever but now I’m thinking I wouldn’t be happy there anyway. See this:

The borough of Cote des Neiges-Notre Dame de Grace is doing what it can to encourage healthy living through a proposed bylaw limiting the availability of fast food.
The borough wants to prevent the construction of new fast food restaurants bordering major traffic arteries. Existing restaurants won’t be affected.

I don’t eat fast food but I grew up in the USSR and this kind of sloganeering brings back traumatic memories. Besides, one gets the privilege of paying enormous taxes only to enable some fucker bureaucrat who can’t get snow cleaned from the streets lecture one on “healthy living”? CDN/NDG is a mess every year when it snows. I almost killed myself slipping in CDN last January, and that was way more dangerous to my health than the fast food I don’t eat.

Besides, CDN is the area where recently arrived immigrants live. Maybe they don’t have money to eat in / start expensive eateries. But yeah, let’s lecture them on healthy living instead of cleaning garbage from the street.

3 thoughts on “Stupid in Montréal

  1. Weird… CDN has plenty of markets where fruits and vegetables are way less expensive and way more delicious than in supermarkets. And I think that immigrants have better diets anyways. The school argument is flawed because parents should educate their kids about food, and in a urban setting kids can find fast food chains easily anyways. The only “logic” I find is that perhaps the borough of CDN/NDG wants to protect its restaurants (many of them delicious on Côte-des-Neiges, Monkland, Victoria) from the invasion of fast food restaurants.

    And yes, CDN/NDG needs beautification. More green spaces in CDN!

    Boy you try ton convince yourself, but you miss our insignificant yet beautiful Montreal.


      1. CDN/NDG, if they want a healthier population, should begin by adding more green spaces and making the streets more friendly for people who walk and bike. I have not seen significant changes in that direction form CDN/NDG, unlike other boroughs (Rosemont-Petite-Patrie).


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