Democratic Debate: Conclusions

I’m happy that yesterday’s silliness with DNC servers was not central to the debate. Hillary trounced her opponents on every issue.

Old age begins when you can no longer learn and adopt new ideas. Unfortunately, Bernie is at that stage in life. He never says anything new. He knows he’s weak on foreign policy but is he trying to learn? Not at all. He keeps repeating the exact same statements he made in the previous debates. A president with no intellectual agility is simply incompetent.

Bernie even ended with some sexist rant about his wife in the spirit of “women and children.” O’Malley’s response about his wife showed an enormous generational chasm between the two men on gender issues. And this is yet another instance where Bernie just can’t learn. He isn’t trying to understand why you can’t talk about women in a way that was OK in the 1950s.

Overall, this was a good, important debate that clarified many crucial things. Hillary rules! And the way she closed is just fucking priceless.

6 thoughts on “Democratic Debate: Conclusions

  1. Yeah, Hillary won the debate that all ten people watched — but hopefully a youthful tomorrow and not yesterday’s cynicism will triumph in the general election.


    1. OK. I understand that you are an exceptionally conservative Republican. But can you honestly say that the Republicans seem more serious and presidential than the Democrats in this election cycle?


      1. “can you honestly say that the Republicans seem more serious and presidential than the Democrats in this election cycle?”

        Where have I ever even implied that?

        In this country, you have to choose sides in a rigid, locked-in two-party election system. On the issues that are important to me personally, I agree with the Republicans more than the Democrats, so that party is getting my vote.

        Come on, you’re taking my exaggerated rhetoric about this election — hey, we have a Presidential election every leap year when the full moon comes out, and life goes on, regardless of who gets elected — way too seriously.


        1. I’m not disrespecting your viewpoint in the least, Evelina, or mocking it. I’m simply judging the totality of these quadrennial elections for what I’ve observed them to be over the last fifty years. Somehow, no matter how bad — or good — an individual election turns out, life goes on, and America survives, with only marginal changes around the edges.

          There was no “revolution” in the 1960s, even when it was fueled by the existential crisis of the the draft-fueled Vietnam War. And despite Bernie Sanders’ shouting now, there isn’t going to be a political revolution today.

          America has the most stable, longest running functional Democracy in the world. And it’s going to keep on running safely and on a more or less steady course, no matter who becomes President.


  2. Style notes observations since I didn’t watch the debate live:
    –The moderators looked like Oompa Loompas, especially the dude.
    –HRC’s outfit looked like she was trying to look as bland as possible with her grandma beige boucle.
    –Do none of Sanders’ staffers know to give the guy some T-Gel shampoo? Super distracting.
    –O’Malley: bland presidential candidate from central casting. The artful haircut does not conceal his hair loss.
    –Sanders never worked on his “waiting while other people are speaking” body language. He was annoyed and fidgety.
    –O’Malley tried to triangulate between Sanders and HRC. I don’t think it worked. I kept falling asleep because the other two have more charisma.
    –Sanders kept hitting the same hammer again and again.
    –HRC looked totally relaxed for a super calculating woman.


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