I love my fellow immigrants but sometimes we can get on anybody’s nerves.

In Montreal there was a blackout in one of the residential areas. 

“Well, it’s Canada,” announced an immigrant from Iraq contemptuously. “It’s not like anybody expected any better from Canada.”

This reminded me of a Russian woman from Yekaterinburg who said to me once with the same contemptuous shrug, “New York! Phe! That’s such a provincial little place. It’s even more pathetic than Paris.”

One thought on “Immigrants

  1. Well, it looks like, very soon, those Yekaterinburg, Ryazan, Voronezh, etc. lucky ones won’t have a chance to compare their Soviet paradise with the Western hell. They will be forbidden that pleasure just as they have been forbidden to travel to Egypt and Turkey. I hear, however, that there are special tours to Syria from Russia. I am not joking. That’s serious, unfortunately.


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