Not New York

Once again, I’m happy I’m nowhere near New York. It isn’t precisely cold where I am but I wore a sweater and a coat to go out today and had heating on in the car.

8 thoughts on “Not New York

  1. Quick question. We’re hanging out with friends in their hotel. Sitting by the fireside at the pool. I remember you writing that staring at a flame is one of the most healthy psychological activities one can do. Can you expand on that? I’m loving it.


    1. Very beautiful!

      Everything that engages the four natural spheres – water, fire, earth and air – helps to unburden one psychologically. Gardening, looking at the sky, observing the fire, visiting the waterfalls – these can be very meditation – like activities. Highly recommended!

      It’s especially useful to figure out which sphere is closest to your personality and engage with it specifically. I’d guess that your sphere is definitely fire, so you chose your activity very well.


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