WordAd Earnings: An Important Update

My regular readers will not find this interesting but I know there are many fellow bloggers who are curious about the way the WordAds program functions.

If you look at the table of this blog’s earnings, you will see that WordPress has dramatically lowered the compensation for each ad impression. Note also that ad impressions are not the same as the number of hits. You have no way of knowing where the “ad impressions” figure comes from and why it varies from one month to another. You will have to trust WordPress on that. I experimented with placing the maximum amount of ads as opposed to a moderate amount of ads and that had absolutely no impact on the number of ad impressions.

After perusing the table, you can judge for yourself if the WordAds system is something you want to try out on your blog.


21 thoughts on “WordAd Earnings: An Important Update

      1. It could also be related to seasonality. You would have to look at what your compensation per impression rate was during different times of year (i.e., comparing December 2013 and 2014 to December 2015. I don’t make enough to bother with the analysis, but it isn’t all too difficult to do.

        Another theory could be that by providing more real estate on your site for advertisers, you dilute the impact of a single add. That might explain the effect on my site – impressions went up, but the value of having real estate on a site more crowded with advertisements is less for prospective advertisers.

        It’s likely a mix of both factors.

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    1. Curiously, they have increased. I have no idea why but the payments seem to have returned to the higher rates. I’ll post a photo when I get a chance.

      Right now is a good time to do WordAds.


      1. Thanks for your quick reply. I’m writing an article on this today and hoping you’ll be able to share your 2016 earnings – trying to get an idea of how WordAds is doing more recently. There are quite a few blog posts from 2013,2014 but less info for 2016.


          1. Well I am a fellow blogger. I write daily about WordPress news. I’m collecting info from different folks about WordAds and how they are doing because there’s so little information out there for folks trying to monetize their blogs.


    1. Thing is, there is no direct link between the number of impressions and the sum of the payment. The quality of impressions matters as much as the quantity. So you can get $30 for 130,000 impressions and $75 for 28,000 impressions. It depends mostly on where your visitors are from.


      1. Can you do me a favor and screenshot my blog please . I am tired if viewing the same ad (get.blog) and i dont know if other ads are shown or not . Viral111.com. Thank you


      1. You’re taking it personal. I have YouTube as a reference and I thus believe that my expectations were pretty high at the beginning. This is basically a confirmation that making a living of wordads is impossible. Unless your numbers are in thousands of dollars.


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