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I promised I would write about how WordAds are working for me, so here is the promised post. I only discovered that WordPress was offering a program of its own instead of the dreadful and malicious Google AdSense recently. You don’t need to do anything to make the program work other than going on your Settings page and enabling WordAds.

The program counts your ad impressions based on a formula of its own. Ad impressions are not equal to hits or individual IPs. WordPress takes blog visits from some countries into account but not others. So if most of your readership is not in the US, this program might not work as well for you.

Under the fold, you can see my WordAds earnings for December 2013 and January 2014. Next to the ad impressions, I wrote the number of total hits for each month. Forgive the handwriting, but if you tried writing figures in a Windows snipping tool, you’ll understand.

You will see that a significantly larger number of hits translates into a smaller number of ad impressions.

The conclusion is that WordAds rocks, and I recommend it to anybody. Any amount you get after connecting WordAds is bigger than what you had without it, so it’s all good.

wordads earnings



62 thoughts on “WordAds Earnings

  1. Clarissa, your blog has great traffic and you’re doing great with WordAds. I still haven’t accrued $100, which is the minimum you have to hit before they send your money. I just need to work harder on my blog and post more frequently. Whether my posts will ever be generate as much interest as yours, however, is doubtful.

    In response to Z: It also helps if you use a WordPress theme that’s “optimized” for WordAds. That’s about 55 themes. For a list, go to http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/features/wordads/

    I think many themes not on the list are able to run the basic video ad below the first post on your page. The optimized themes are also able to show two more ads, if you wish, one in the sidebar and one at the top of the blog.

    Clarissa, the theme you’re using is optimized for WordAds. A recently added feature, you can now go to your WordAds settings and click the box to authorize showing three ads instead of one. Some people prefer just the one video ad, because it is less intrusive than the top and sidebar adds.

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  2. Hi Clarissa.

    I just got approved for WordAds and I saw your helpful post while I was looking for more information on it. I hope it’s alright with you that I linked your entry on my own post.



    1. I’ve used adsense and you are either lying or misinformed. There is absolutely no way to make money with Google ads. Plus, Google ads tries to censor your content.


      1. I agree I have Adsense for youtube and make about 20 cent a month it depends on the viewer and the ad. You don’t get paid per view like said above. I just started wordads and am hopefully. By the way adsense doesn’t work on wordpress.

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        1. I know the difference lol and it’s not far off that all in saying is that you won’t make 1000 dollars if you get 1000 views I’m sure you will agree clarissa


          1. You have been using WordAds for a while now this is my first time using it I have had 75,000 views this week how much do you think I would have made? Roughly


              1. No I’ll give it a go, I have used Google Adsense in the past but it wasn’t my account so I thought that I would go solo and start my own website. Could I use WordAds and Skimlinks at the same time?


              2. I’m filling in the application for as we speak. I’ll let you know how much I make from WordAds and you can put it on you’re blog as people from the UK will be wondering what the income is like


  3. Do you know what are the minimum requirements to join wordads? like how much traffic and how old the site should be?

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  4. Hi Clarissa,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with WordAds, it is very useful to see what one could expect out of wordads (especially in-terms of revenue). I applied to WordAds 7 months ago and i still didn’t get approval (according to WordAds, I haven’t met the minimum traffic threshold yet). Here is more on my experience with WordAds and what I have learned so far http://humanbreeds.com/2014/10/13/wordads-advertising-on-wordpress/ about it

    I have used your numbers in my blog and linked back to your post, I hope you do not mind me doing so.

    Thanks again, 🙂


    1. No, of course, I don’t mind. I will be posting an update on this post as soon as this month’s earnings are reported. Good luck with getting the approval. It is always a good idea to self – promote in my link encyclopedia posts.


      1. I am looking forward to reading your update.

        Note: just few minutes after I received your message, I got an email from WordAds stating that my blog has been approved for WordAds. Maybe you are my Good Luck Charm 😀


  5. The earnings are very low vs adsense. I searched the web about adsense earnings and to give 1 example some1 was paid 400$ for 100.000 page views. Btw: Im happy with my blogger.


    1. “and to give 1 example some1 was paid 400$ for 100.000 page views”

      – These people are misleading you. I used to be on AdSense. Made no money whatsoever AND AdSense tried to censor my content on political grounds.


  6. Impressive. I have a website using adsese and so far, I am not impressed. For 80 000 hits, only 17$…


    1. Good question. I enabled them last month and saw no difference whatsoever in the reported number of impressions or earnings. They don’t seem to have had any impact on my earnings. But this is data from just one month of trying put the optimized ads.


      1. Thanks Clarissa. I have a feeling that the advertisers pay more per impression the more ads you are displaying. Obviously, it is to their benefit that their ad is shown twice or three times rather than once. Now, far be it from me to suggest that WordPress don’t pass on this extra income but please keep an eye on any change you see in your earnings for next month. I can’t do it because I have only ever used the optimised ads, so I have no comparison.



    1. WordPress seems to have lowered the payouts per view by at least 50% in 2015. The same or higher number of views in a month now results in a significantly lower payout.


    1. language is just to communicate 🙂 if you just look into the grammer and capitalization you will lose just the pleasure in reading 🙂


  7. Hi Clarissa,
    I too have a blog hosted on wordpress site and this post was of great help. As I see in one of your comments that we can promote our site on your blog i am taking this opportunity to do so.

    I have a lifestyle and beauty blog. Please click the link and hit the follow button.


    Thank you clarissa for this opportunity.



  8. Hi Clarrisa,

    First of all thanks a lot for writing this good article. I have a small query. you wrote in this article that WordPress takes blog visits from some countries into account but not others.
    Do it mean that If someone has great traffic from Asian countries, wordads would make good payment?

    For example, I run I run http://www.kisankhabar.com which is agriculture based Hindi (English also) news website and made in wordpress. It has got around 2 million page views in last 2.5 months (From June 2016 to 13th Aug 2016). 90 percent traffic is from India and remaining is from USA and Europe. Will it get paid good amount from WordAds?


  9. Clarrissa,
    I recently got WordAds to my site “coffeemadebetter.com” and under my earnings tab it still says 0.00 even though I’ve had about 500 page views since adding it. I’ve only had WordAds for about 2 days but all my views have been since then.

    My question is, within WordPress, does it not update my earnings daily? Or does it just wait for a month or so and then post everything I made that month at once? Is there no way to track how much I am making daily?

    Thank you so much





    1. No, it’s updated monthly and you usually get the info about 15 days into the next month. So the payment info for February will post on March 15 or thereabouts.

      No, there’s no way to track daily earnings.

      Good luck!


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