Staring at Banknotes

Turns out there are people who are actually upset about Harriet Tubman being placed on the $10 bill. They talk about it in such tragic tones that one begins to wonder if they sit there, staring at the backs of banknotes for hours on end.

4 thoughts on “Staring at Banknotes

  1. Yeah, the only thing I ever cared about on banknotes was the denomination on them — who gives a flip about their pictures or their religious slogans? You can’t spend the portraits or the words.

    Maybe Obama could just appoint a female Secretary of Treasury and put her signature on all the bills to pacify the feminists.

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      1. The Federal Reserve is not a bank, and therefore U.S. Currency isn’t banknotes.

        The denomination is question is the 20$ bill, not the 10$ with A. Hamilton.

        Aside from that, good comment.


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