What’s Next After the Nation-State?

People keep asking what’s next after the nation-state. The most recent election in the US, as well as Brexit and the European elections, have demonstrated that even if most of us don’t use the words “the erosion of the nation-state model” to refer to what’s happening, that erosion is the central preoccupation of voters everywhere. 

The important thing to remember is that nothing is set in stone. We are undergoing an enormous transformation in the structure of our societal model, and it’s up to us where the changes will take us. 

The way things are shaping up right now is that the welfare state is pretty much doomed. Voters are showing very little interest in preserving it. This means that people are ready to embrace the loneliness and heightened risk (in return for a chance at greater rewards) of seeking out economic solutions on their own. Before you argue with me about this, ask yourself why Bernie Sanders is not making his cabinet picks right now. He was the candidate of the welfare state model here in the US. 

[More on this later.]

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