Bloody Mary Beer

Hey, folks, have you ever tried this drink where beer is mixed with bloody Mary mix? It’s great. Almost completely masks the taste of beer. 

The only problem is that I never finish a beer and use what’s left to cook. But this stuff I can’t cook with, it’s too out there. 


12 thoughts on “Bloody Mary Beer”

  1. Even a small amount of hard liquor added to beer will overwhelm the weaker beer taste very quickly. Mixing booze with beer isn’t anything new — it’s long been a classic maneuver for college frat boys whose main goal was to get drunk very quickly.

    Bloody Marys are very tasty drinks, especially if they’re spicy– but I’ll have the beer separately, thanks!


      1. Doesn’t a Bloody Mary by definition have vodka in it?

        Otherwise, the mixture is just a “Virgin Mary” — which has been around forever as a classic non-alcoholic drink.


  2. I think beer and bloody mary mix is a Midwestern thing. I’ve had it and thought it was kind of gross, but I’m not a huge fan of the bloody mary.


  3. Hey Clarissa. I’m not much of a beer person. I find myself lately drinking a lot of commercial beers like corona and blue moon. How can you tell if the beer is mixed with bloody mary mix?


  4. Beer and tomato juice is a big thing out here on Manitoba. Especially among the French and Matisse Grandmother’s I know. Some people use Clamato juice instead.


      1. Also Grandmothers should not have an apostrophe. I think Autocorrect needs to learn how to spell.

        I shouldn’t try to post on my phone and hour after I should have been asleep.


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