I also had my very first car crash last week. As crashes go, this one was very minimal. I was backing out very slowly from my parking lane and this woman – also known as a rabid idiot from hell – was very slowly coming in. The cars barely touched each other but this freak insisted on calling campus security so we had to wait for an hour for them to get there. Then we had to wait for another 50 minutes while they tried to find any damage to the cars (there was none) and wrote a report. 

I’m guessing this woman is a student who wanted an excuse not to go to class. For her sake, I hope she has no interest in Spanish. 


5 thoughts on “Crash”

  1. As a rule it’s a good idea to get a traffic cop (or other appropropriate figure like campus security) to file a report after any fender-bender, even if no one is hurt and the damage is minimal.

    Otherwise, you run the risk that the other driver will smile sweetly and say, “Hey, sorry, obviously my fault, just send me the bill” — and two weeks later you’ll get a stern letter from their lawyer demanding that you pay up. (Hasn’t happened to me, but I know people who have been hit like that.)


  2. You have fender bender, lose coat. My father 92 has minor car accident, and I misplace my mother’s heirloom rings. Is something in the air?


      1. I found the rings, now you must find the coat. But I lost a good Lodencloth coat on public transportation once, it just sort of slipped off me, very strange.


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