What seems very dumb today is everything I criticized about Bernie. I just saw a car with a Bernie sticker and imagined President Sanders, and that was hard-core. 


2 thoughts on “Hindsight ”

  1. This idiot was at the helm of a campaign that lost the most winnable election of our lifetime. But he’ll now make money from paid speeches dishing out behind the scenes gossip. These people are scum. Valueless, coreless scum.


    Robby Mook And Corey Lewandowski Team Up For Paid Speeches

    The former Trump and Clinton campaign managers will “debate the day’s hot issues” and offer audiences an “entertaining pair,” according to their agency’s website.


    1. Yeah, I saw this. One can never trust these people. All they care about is enriching themselves. Vile pieces of trash. But those who’ll pay to see this show are dumb trash too.


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