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More Action

A little harder but still important. I’m doing it. Are you?

Today’s action on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare), Medicare privatization, and defunding Planned Parenthood:
Paul Ryan has blocked his office phones and fax numbers, and is turning away people who show up to deliver petitions, so time to change tactics. Please mail post cards to his home address saying NO to defunding Planned Parenthood, NO to repealing the ACA, and NO to privatizing Medicare!
Please COPY AND PASTE this info. Let’s see what 67 million cards in the driveway looks like.
Real Americans Resist.
Copy and paste this to pass it on. This guy is a public servant. Denying access is reprehensible.


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12 thoughts on “More Action

  1. Evelina Anville on said:

    These are great suggestions. Thank you. I’m doing both. 🙂


  2. adrianaurelien on said:

    I’ll have to buy postcards but I’m doing it. You can run but you can’t hide, Ryan.


  3. If Ryan is a “public servant” the same way most government agencies are expect those postcards to wind up in a local recycling bin.


  4. Ohio Mom on said:

    Please add No to Block-granting Medicaid to the list.

    A lot of people think of the Medicaid Expansion part of the ACA when I ask them to include protesting block-granting Medicaid but Medicaid is more than that. For one, Medicaid has always supported disabled adults (Medicaid is what pays for group homes, day programs, transportation, etc., in addition to medical care). It also pays for nursing home care for the poor elderly — in the good old days, grandma died of bone cancer, screaming on your living room couch — and of course, medical care for the extremely poor. Needless to say, these are very vulnerable populations without strong voices advocatilng for them.

    The current funding system includes the Feds and states both contributing and there are mechanisms to allow the total amount funded to fairly easily be increased. Block granting will work to shrink the total amount over time. It is a sneaky back way to whittle this essential safety net program into near non-existence.


  5. adrianaurelien on said:

    Update: found the perfect postcards


    • I have a bunch of cards with the American flag. It looks like I will be sending many of them in the next 4 years to remind our representatives what they should think about.


  6. adrianaurelien on said:

    I got these (thought I’d posted a link up there but apparently I didn’t):


  7. Dreidel on said:

    Congratulations, Clarissa — now you’re doing it right! This is the effective way to carry out political protesting in America when you’re unhappy with government policy. Calling people names on a website is fun but doesn’t change anything.

    Hint: If you write personal notes on the postcards, don’t give away the fact that you’re a resident non-citizen. Your card will get more attention if they think you can vote. 🙂


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