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In view of the failure of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, Putin is trying to pick a fight with Belarus. One pretext to invade Belarus can be to defend it from an (entirely imaginary, of course) invasion by Poland. Trump’s officials are busily helping Putin solidify this narrative:

According to one U.S. official, national security aides have sought information about Polish incursions in Belarus, an eyebrow-raising request because little evidence of such activities appears to exist.


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6 thoughts on “Belarus

  1. Why would Putin pick a fight with Belarus? I thought Lukashenko was his boy.


    • Lukashenko has been showing signs of independence for a while. Right now he’s letting forbidden food enter Russia from Europe. It’s minor stuff but any excuse will do in a pinch.


  2. Dan Mitchell (@danieljmitchell) tweeted at 10:57 AM on Sat, Feb 04, 2017: I won’t mind the Trump-Putin bro-mance if that means we get to copy Russia’s successful flat tax



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