Good for the Goose

The US naturalization and citizenship form asks me if I ever tried to prevent anybody from practicing his or her religion. It also asks me if I have a good moral character.

It’s great for Trump that he already has citizenship or he wouldn’t pass.

23 thoughts on “Good for the Goose

  1. Most people born in the US citizens are unable to pass the test about US history and government that you’ll have to pass, and it’s not a particularly hard test.

    Also, congratulations on starting the journey to become a citizen! Hopefully you can become naturalized quickly enough to vote in 2018.


  2. Yeah, congratulations on getting American citizenshp, even though I’m sure you and N will be voting for the wrong side in future elections!


          1. Hah, like you haven’t repeatedly written posts blaming the Democrats for doing such a pitiful job in the November elections at all levels of government???


              1. That’s true. Democrats nominated the only candidate, except possibly Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, who couldn’t beat Trump.


              2. “Yes, Democrats are a bad bad Mommy…Mwaaaaaa-aaaaaa.”

                You said this, Clarissa — I didn’t. 🙂


      1. “Don’t worry, we’ll never vote for the party that saddled us with Trump.”

        I’m assuming that’s humorous hyperbole, since such an attitude gives you zero leverage with either party (to the extent that individuals have leverage).

        But if enough people take the party vs candidate approach to voting then neither party has any incentive to change.


  3. Hi Dreidel, Throughout the election season you kept saying that no matter who won in november, he/she would already be an improvement over Obama. Do you still stand by that statement?


        1. There was a CNN debate between Cruz and Sanders on healthcare last night. I wonder who watched it, because I suspect they both just want attention they’re not currently receiving.


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