Inventing the Wheel

I thought it would be a grand idea to give the kids at Klara’s birthday party little goody bags with small gifts. Nothing edible, of course, because half of the kids are from religious families with different dietary restrictions, and I don’t want to step all over that. Plus, you never know who’s allergic to what and whose parents are ideologically opposed to things like candy. 

So I headed to the dollar store and discovered that my brilliant invention already exists and it’s called “party favors.” There is a whole aisle of them at the store. 

It’s very hard to be original any more. 


6 thoughts on “Inventing the Wheel”

  1. A couple weeks ago I had a brilliant idea for a simple kitchen implement that I had never seen before. Talked to a friend. Made drawings. Started asking questions about patents.

    Then I googled and found that it has already been invented.

    At least I know that my idea was a good one.


  2. A silicone rubber sleeve for glass dishes that people carry their lunch in. I accidentally dropped mine and broke it, and another one had the seal come off and leak my lunch into my messenger bag. A rubber sleeve can hold the lid on more tightly and protect against breakage.


  3. You have once written about your hair, which can be difficult to brush, so I decided to share. My family has just discovered this new kind of brush, which is superior to even the best brushes we used before. My mother has “Jewish hair” too, while mine is not Jewish but rather thin and long and tending to become tangled. The brush suited both of us.

    It is called “Wet brush-pro.” There are normal-sized and mini-sized brushes, which one can put in a handbag.


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