Pat the Putin

So “Pat the Puppy” is one of those really great interactive books where babies can pet a furry animal, see themselves in a mirror, pull a tab and make a frog hop, make a toy squeak, etc. Klara loves this sort of thing. The problem with this particular one is that when it asks me to turn the wheel to see pictures of babies, the last one totally looks like Trump and Putin. 

See for yourself. What kind of ancient babies are these?

Freaks me out every day. 


18 thoughts on “Pat the Putin”

      1. “The alligator is Trump’s and Conway’s love child”

        For anyone of my generation and cultural background, the name Conway inevitably brings one face to mind….

        Imagining the genetically engineered offspring of him and DT is….. an odd way to begin the day, that’s all I’ll say….


  1. Российские спецслужбы в течение многих лет отправляют в страны Европейского Союза своих агентов под видом просителей убежища, говорится в фильме Холодная война Путина телеканала ZDF, передает УНИАН.

    Согласно информации авторов картины, российские агенты прибывают в Европу по фальшивым документам для внедрения в мусульманские общины стран ЕС, “чтобы подорвать и дестабилизировать Запад”.


  2. France thwarts ‘imminent attack;’ 4 arrests, explosive found

    Officials said around 70 grams of TATP were seized in the Montpellier-area home of a 20-year-old man, along with a liter each of acetone, oxygenated water and sulfuric acid. TATP was used in the deadly November 2015 attacks in Paris and the March 2016 attack in Brussels carried out by ISIS.

    In addition to France, a 44-year-old man was also arrested in Britain at Gatwick Airport on suspicion of planning a terror attack.

    In a statement from British anti-terror forces, the man was arrested Thursday evening after landing in Britain on a flight from Iraq.,7340,L-4920670,00.html


      1. \ A few more such news items and the Muslim ban will become uncontested reality.

        Two men suspected of planning ISIS attacks in Europe were arrested in Turkey following 10 days of being interrogated by police, Turkey’s state-run agency reported Saturday.

        Mahamad Laban, 45, a Danish citizen, and Mohammed Tefik Saleh, 38, a Swedish citizen, received weapons and explosives training in Syria for the past three months, the Anadolu Agency said.

        The agency said the two men entered Turkey using fake identification with the intention of going to European countries.,7340,L-4920930,00.html


  3. Did you hear about this? Just the best people.

    Here was Flynn working against US policy—against steps President Barack Obama had ordered in response to Putin’s meddling in the US election. He was in essence telling Moscow not to fret over these sanctions and that Russia would be rewarded once Trump moved into the White House. He was explicitly aiding the enemy that had attacked US democracy.

    Which brings us to the not-very-smart part of this story. How do all these officials know what was really said between Flynn and the Russian? US intelligence routinely conducts surveillance aimed at Russian diplomats and monitors their communications. The Post story clearly indicates that Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak was intercepted and that a transcript of it has been passed throughout the intelligence community.


    1. Color me totally unsurprised. I don’t have words to describe the intensity of the Russians’ glee over Trump’s election. They are not even trying to mask it. They are in ecstasy. It’s very disgusting to watch.


  4. It is shocking to me how much that looks like Putin and Trump!! The photo is unaltered or did you doctor it somehow? (By the way, I remember “Pat the Bunny” with great fondness!)


  5. There is something ironic here, especially if you juxtapose both news items:

    Germany: Terrorist-killing Italian cops denied medal due to their fascist political views



    Law enforcement in North Rhine-Westphalia have come in for strong criticism after they sent a letter to refugee homes, telling them to keep refugees away from Karneval celebrations.


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