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The Giver of Life 

I turned on the Russian TV in the midst of some program and caught one of Putin’s propagandists delivering a sermon. 

“And then He came,” the man preached, his stupid little face shining with the reflected light of Revelation. “And he brought Life, Light, Truth and Hope to the world. It was a new spring of humanity. He, the great revolutionary, the Giver of change.”

Wow, look at how Jesusy these old KGB creeps suddenly got, I thought. 

“And his name is Donald Trump!” vociferated the propagandist suddenly. 

Well, it’s good to know he wasn’t taking the Lord’s name in vain, at least. 


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3 thoughts on “The Giver of Life 

  1. Shakti on said:

    At least they didn’t go into the raising of the Host right afterwards? ☕😲


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