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My dedication to my profession is immense if I’m plowing through a book that uses words like “heteronormativity, whitenormativity (yes, it’s 1 word), and colonialnormativity (also 1 word)” in the same sentence. 

You might laugh but if good academics (me, for instance) don’t write good scholarship using meaningful language, that’s all we’ll have in lieu of scholarship. So I get to read this crap and produce an alternative. 


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6 thoughts on “Dedication 

  1. Those 3 words are meaningful, though. (Maybe not those 3 in the same sentence)


  2. Better you than me. It is preferable to go into exile.


  3. Well, normativity–especially anti-normativity in all its forms–is the new hot trend in the humanities these days. And the assumption that anti-normativity is always good (because norms are oppressive–and they often are) is something I find troubling, especially when it comes to queer theory. Queer theory and queer studies should be relevant to the lives of everyday gays and lesbians, and I think that most of us in the real world just want to live “normal” lives instead of being expected to lead oppositional, “anti-normative” lives. And furthermore, aren’t some norms good? For example, the norms against pedophilia and sexual assault, for starters, when it comes to sexuality.


  4. I hope the writer doesn’t forget to mention “homonormativity” in the book. 🙂


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