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More Unwelcome News

73 percent of voters want to see Democrats work with the president, against only 27 percent who said Democrats should resist Trump’s every move.

The resisters are a tiny minority. Everybody else is eager for the market-state. 


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14 thoughts on “More Unwelcome News

  1. Shakti on said:


    From the same article:

    The findings are significant as Democratic leaders in Congress are under growing pressure by their liberal base to obstruct the president’s agenda. The poll shows the party is divided on how to deal with Trump: 52 percent of Democrats polled say they should cooperate with him on areas of agreement and 48 percent saying they shouldn’t.

    Those figures are nearly identical when the question is flipped – 68 percent of those polled say that Trump should be willing to compromise and find ways to work with Democrats in Congress. Thirty-two percent said Trump shouldn’t bend at all, even if it means finding ways to achieve his agenda without congressional approval.

    Republicans are similarly divided here, with 48 percent wanting compromise and 52 percent saying Trump should be unwavering.

    This poll is caca. What meaning do you take from it and how does that inform your actions? I’m sure you could find a similar poll with similar results for Rauner.

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  2. If the Democrats don’t want to face oblivion, then they have no choice but to work with Trump.

    It was the blithering stupidity of the Democratic elite (and the Media, academia, and Hollywood) which landed them in this fix in the first place. Had they listened to the people then they would be in the White House.

    With the popularity of Trump going up, it is political suicide to keep up the mindless idiocy of a so called “Resistance”.


    • You can’t work with somebody who is incapable of and uninterested in working. Rich, bratty heirs never work. Work is for piss-poor suckers like you. So scoot along to work, pay taxes and enrich your idol even more. You don’t want him to run out of expensive suits and peeing whores, do you?


      • Dreidel on said:

        The Republicans under Trump will be running the federal government — and most state governments — for at least the next four years.

        The pitiful remnants of the Democrats will either work with the Republicans or be totally irrelevant. They don’t have enough power left to resist anything.


        • Hey, I’m already seeing how Republican Rauner is “running the government” in Illinois. He’s so lazy and useless that we haven’t had a budget in 2 years. That’s some stellar work right there. But he’s done a lot of fine dining and golfing in the meanwhile.

          So please, don’t make me laugh by using the words Republicans and work in the same sentence.


  3. Stringer Bell on said:

    I really love advice from Trump supporters on how to chart the course for the democratic party. If there’s one group of disinterested people who have the democratic party’s best interest in mind, it’s them. Not like they have any ulterior motive to want to democrats to ‘work with’ Trump over tax cuts. Or their fervent desire to see poor people die from lack of insurance.

    Make up your mind. Crowing about how you control federal government and most state governments, yet whining about how the democrats won’t work with you. You have all the power. You don’t need anyone else to carry out your agenda, do you? Do some work and own the consequences of your policies.


  4. Shakti on said:

    I think of it as an issue of branding.
    On one hand it does describe the reasons behind congressional Democratic behavior, especially in the Senate (lots of posturing). They want to take back some goodies for their state/district and stay in office. OTOH, if they cooperate with the opposition too much, nobody has a reason to vote for them as a choice other than Republicans.
    Same as it ever was.

    The problem is, I’m not sure how much that calculus works anymore.

    Here find a townhall near you: Town Hall Project


  5. As a professional researcher, the poll is vapid noise. If they asked, “should Trump work with the Democrats”, they would probably have seen the same percentages. Historically, Americans are incredibly risk averse. If left to public opinion, there would never have been a revolt against King George III, and we’d probably be part of Canada now. Estimates are that only 15% wanted independence, 20% were loyal to the Crown, and the rest wanted peace and quiet. That’s all this poll is saying — Americans don’t like conflict. It’s not a positive or negative statement about either party.

    You wrote about Putin supporters sometime back. I think you used the term, nudnik, or something like that, for the Russia version of Joe Six-Pack. We’re overrun with them.

    They will scream when the see the hike in health insurance costs for 2018. The people who are screaming loudest now are those who are losing coverage. The 20% rate hikes to come will hit a much larger swath of people, especially in places like Maine and Kansas. And of course, the next action after ACA repeal will be cuts in Medicare and CHIP benefits. The cuts in children’s benefits are already included in the Medicaid proposals — which also involve terminating coverage for people who can’t afford nursing home care. (The average annual cost of nursing homes in the US is just over $92,000 per year, out of reach for most.)

    When Joe Six-Pack can’t afford his beer, he’ll scream, maybe worse. It’s going to get a lot more ugly.


    • \ I think you used the term, nudnik, or something like that, for the Russia version of Joe Six-Pack.


      “nudnik” means “harping on and on about something kind of person” in Hebrew.


  6. Wave of anti-Semitism in the US: more than 100 Jewish tombstones desecrated

    Hundreds of headstones in a historic St. Louis Jewish cemetery vandalized; 11 Jewish centers receive bomb threats across the US; The White House denounces these waves of anti-Semitism.,7340,L-4925415,00.html


    • The St Louis cemetery was founded by Russian-speaking Jews back in 1888. And today Russian speaking Jews in St Louis voted for Trump, making this wave of anti-Semitism possible.


  7. A nice column (with an aside about American TV shows):

    All the president’s enemies
    Op-ed: It won’t be long before Trump implies that the Jews themselves are stimulating anti-Semitism in the US in order to undermine his presidency.,7340,L-4924907,00.html


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