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Left Behind 

N has left for a conference. As usual, his professional community is smarter than mine and is holding the conference on a beach in Florida. Academics are too mean-spirited to hold conferences anywhere where people might enjoy the sun and the ocean. People in the industry, on the other hand, don’t mind enjoying life and letting colleagues do the same. 

This is the first time I’m left to take care of Klara on my own. 


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6 thoughts on “Left Behind 

  1. Stringer Bell on said:

    If the paper I just submitted gets accepted, I could be visiting Montreal in October. Fingers crossed!


  2. I have been to mathematics conferences in many beautiful places. Some I have mentioned here before. I will mention two more: Warszawa (Warsaw), Poland and Acapulco, Mexico.


  3. I think this is more of a Humanities problem than an academic problem. I know a faculty member in business who studies shipping and logistics. One of the most important international conferences in that field has a tradition of always holding the conference on islands that have some current or historical significance in trade and shipping. They’ve been to all sorts of beautiful and interesting places all over the world that also happen to have a connection to the conference theme. I’ve never heard of a Humanities conference trying to do anything so interesting.


    • I think you are right. Other people know how to enjoy existence while we always make ourselves miserable.


    • ” I’ve never heard of a Humanities conference trying to do anything so interesting.”

      I think Derek Bickerton once theorized that some scholars were attracted to Creole studies because conferences are often held in places associated with Creoles which tend to be picturesque Caribbean or Atlantic islands or Hawaii….


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