This is what I don’t get. How come I’m doing a lot more service – and I mean A LOT – now that I have tenure than while being on the tenure track? I’m drowning in service, it’s insane. 

Nobody is making me. I always got the highest marks for service even when I did very little. (I’m Soviet, I can bullshit like nobody’s business). I’m not going for an early Full Professorship  (for reasons of my own that I can reveal in a separate post). I’m not avoiding research because I’m writing an article and it’s going great. 

The only thing I can think of is that I’m overcompansating for having a baby. Which is dumb because nobody cares. And if they did, I’d never notice anyway. 

I need to stop this because it’s eating me alive. 


4 thoughts on “Service”

  1. It’s very true. Service increases with tenure. You get more invested in the place. Nobody tries to shield you from service, because you already have tenure. You have also been around longer so you know how things work and have developed more competence.


    1. It’s expected. Someone has to keep the lights on, etc. But a colleague yelled at me today for doing service. (Thinks it makes me look good, and is envious.)


      1. What, like you are stealing all the good service and he gets to have none? That guy is nuts. If there’s one thing overflowing at universities, it’s service. He shouldn’t have a problem getting himself a bucketful whenever he decides to lift a finger.

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