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“Impeach President Bannon”

I don’t like this idea of “Impeach President Bannon.” It suggests that Trump’s ideas are somehow different and it’s only Bannon’s influence that is causing all the problems. 

Trump is not a good little boy who fell under the influence of bad company. His ideas are fully his and he’s fully responsible for them. 


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7 thoughts on ““Impeach President Bannon”

  1. I can understand not being happy about Trump being elected and not liking his policies and wanting to challenge them… but much of the anti-Trump rhetoric just seems frickin’ insane.

    It’s probably going to work against them. Who wants to ally themselves with a brigade of crazy people?


  2. A shining beacon of sanity and dealing with political disappointment in constructive ways:

    Where do these sad people come from?


  3. Impeach President Putin!


  4. Many people seem to think that, if someone is evil, then that person is necessarily an evil genius as well as an evil Machiavelli, working from the shadows. The thing is, there are plenty of people who are evil, stupid (or at least not particularly bright), as well as media whores; there are plenty who wish awful things on other fellow humans (or at least certain categories thereof). They are legion, and Trump is 100% one of them. Sure, he might be more susceptible to manipulation by those more intelligent or sneaky than him (Bannon, Putin, whoever), but that doesn’t mean his own views and intentions aren’t fully formed and exactly as reprehensible as his actions.


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