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Lord Christ, even the Spanish press is featuring stories about this Milo Shitopoulos or whatever he’s called. 

People are legitimately and apologetically nuts. 


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10 thoughts on “Nuts

  1. “or whatever he’s called. ”

    Yiannopolous, a very weird romanization Yannopoulos or Giannopoulos would make more sense.
    It means “son of Giannis” the Greek version of John so it’s Greek for Johnson or Ivanovich or even Ibáñez.
    I’m sure you don’t care, but sometimes my inner pedantic twit becomes too strong and takes over and it’s either write it here or take it out on some defenseless person in my surroudings….


  2. Amelia on said:

    Here’s a good article that explains how well-meaning liberals are actually helping
    this nobody’s quest for fame and fortune :
    I didn’t even know who this person was until all the nice people I follow on twitter started twitting about him like mad.


  3. Shakti on said:

    This is emblematic of why people don’t take “the press” seriously. All of these people (Simon & Schuster, CPAC, Twitter, etc) were perfectly fine profiting off the clicks & notoriety to sell books, attendance, ads for entertainment (I guess) whatever despite all of the horrible shit he’s done and now they want to profit from the same shit by clutching their pearls & asking for cookies for not being… Penn State.

    It’s a similar problem with Trump. It’s very cynical and disgusting. Anything worth listening to or following is not being generated by representatives, party leaders or corporate media.

    Now I’m wondering if I’m contributing to a circus by watching a Facebook Live feed of an empty chair town hall meeting (because my senator is in Europe) or by attending it.


    • “Anything worth listening to or following is not being generated by representatives, party leaders or corporate media.”

      Exactly. Imagine what it’s like to get one’s news from TV. Any channels, it doesn’t matter.


  4. Shakti on said:

    Here, a OT chaser:
    Hockey Night in Canada, with Mr. Chapared Shot
    And, of course, the number 99 was a big one of for me. In most of my class pictures, I’m wearing a Gretzky sweater. But my passion went so far beyond that. On January 26th one year when I was in elementary school, I remember asking my mom, Surjit Kaur, with the utmost seriousness, whether our family could celebrate the Great One’s birthday.


  5. Stringer Bell on said:

    Democracy in action!


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