Disruption for the Dems

I think it’s fantastic to see reports of “Dems in disarray at their yearly meeting.” Sorry for using the obnoxious marketing terminology but if ever a party needed an instance of creative disruption, it’s this one. 

A party that’s had nothing but a string of defeats for years has little to lose and everything to gain from some good, rejuvenating chaos. I haven’t felt this hopeful about Democrats in a while. 

6 thoughts on “Disruption for the Dems

  1. This is largely a ceremonial position. It would be so trivial to just let Ellison take the job, as a sop to the Sanders faction. But no, the dem leaders hate this group more than they hate republicans. They’d rather lose with a clinton-clone centrist than win with anyone who does class politics.


  2. Noted bigot Alan Dershowitz has promised to leave the Democratic party if Ellison wins. That’s the cherry on top.


      1. He’s an effete Harvard Law School graduate with very limited experience in retail politics. I’m sure he’ll craft a few white papers that’ll make the crowds go wild!

        Related: why are consultants and lobbyists voting members in these party elections? They’d naturally want to preserve the status quo.


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