Just-likers Strike Again

I also detest the currently fashionable idea that the Democratic town hall protests are “just like” what the Tea Party did back in 2009. I don’t care if this idea is expressed by somebody who’s supportive of the current protests  (see today’s NYTIMES), it’s still dumb. 

There is a universe of difference between “Don’t take away the coverage for preexisting conditions” and “Take the government out of my Medicaid” or between “Representatives, do your job!” and “Government is evil.”

God, I hate just-likers. 

4 thoughts on “Just-likers Strike Again

  1. “Just like” doesn’t matter. What matters is that the GOP has broken traditional political conventions or niceties, whichever term you prefer. The Dems are taking the position that if the GOP can do it, the opposition can too. Thus we have the potential end of hope for any kind of cooperation in Washington.


  2. I don’t recall claims that the Tea Party were paid protesters shipped from outside their districts. “Just like” the Tea Party expresses the truth that today’s town hall attendees are actual constituents voluntarily coordinating with each other in an attempt to influence their representatives.


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