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“What’s happening?” asked my dentist. “You never used to grind your teeth but now it looks like you’ve done nothing but grind them for the past year.”

I was kind of embarrassed to explain that yes, she was completely right, I’ve been grinding hard for exactly a year. Klara is so cute and adorable that I have to grind my teeth all day in order to avoid smothering her with kisses. She’s already the most kissed baby in the history of humanity but sometimes she needs me to leave her alone. So I grind. 


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One thought on “Grinding 

  1. I say go for it (the hugs and kisses). We are also very affectionate with all our kids, and they enjoy the affection. The thing is to not smother them when they are not in the mood or say “I don’t want a hug/kiss” but in my experience the kids who are shown lots of genuine physical affection grow up to both enjoy it and also freely give it themselves. My 16-year-old gives great hugs and says he’s the hugger-in-residence when his friends are upset. I also see he is very relaxed and affectionate with his girlfriend of almost two years. The 9-year-old is a “tough guy,” but even he definitely craves hugs, kisses, and cuddles pretty regularly. The little guy, aged 5, is a total snuggle bug, and asks for as well as gives hugs and kisses all the time.


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